2019 New Year’s Resolution #saynotoplastic !

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! What resolution will you make for 2019? I have not made any for a long time.In 2018, I became aware that despite all our efforts in the 1980s, humanity has backed down on its commitments towards the natural world:- recycling schemes are inadequate or non-existent for many materials.-... Continue Reading →

Insect hotels : why you should and how you can increase biodiversity

Insect hotels are very fashionable at the moment, but mainly for commercial or aesthetic reasons. In any case, building or installing a house for insects is a simple and inexpensive way to increase the biodiversity of your garden, terrace or balcony, and is within the reach of all. Why encourage insects? For their role as... Continue Reading →

My inspirations

My mother tells me that I already showed an interest for botany at the age of  18 months. When I was a child and teenager, it was Jacques Cousteau and David Attenborough who inspired me with their televised expeditions to discover the plant and animal world, whether marine, terrestre or aerien. There was also Sir... Continue Reading →

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